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Top 5 Basic Computer Training Institutes in Chandigarh

Top 5 Basic Computer Training Institutes in Chandigarh – Chandigarh is a suitable training module for the students who wish to gain in depth knowledge on various computer courses. These courses include computer software and hardware skills, MS Office, programming languages ​​like C & C++, web designing, digital marketing, animation and many more.

Here are the Best Top 5 Basic Computer Training Institutes in Chandigarh

Digital Marketing

1st Out of the Top 5 Basic Computer Training Institutes in Chandigarh

ThinkNEXT Technologies Private Limited

Thinknext is the first and best option for computer course in Chandigarh. Here they provide all computer courses like: php training, android training, java training, training, web designing, web development, basic computer, and there are many other course options. You can choose the course of your choice. Thinknext is one of the famous computer institutes in Chandigarh to do computer training in Chandigarh, the instructors are very good to give quality education. If you are looking for Best Computer Training Institute in Chandigarh

Contact Details of ThinkNEXT Technologies Private Limited

Address: SCF 113, Phase 11, sector 65, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab, 160062, India

Business Phone Number: 078374 01000, 078374 02000


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2nd Out of the Top 5 Basic Computer Training Institutes in Chandigarh

Qspiders Software Testing Center

Qspiders Software Testing Center in Chandigarh is one of the leading businesses in Computer Training Institutes. Go to Computer Training Institutes, Personality Development Institutes, Computer Training Institutes for Java, Android Training Institutes, Mean Stack Training Institutes, Software Testing Institutes, Computer Training Institutes for Project Management, Computer Training Institutes for Java Beans and much more goes.

Contact Details of Qspiders Software Testing Center

Address: SCO-60-61, third floor, Sector 34A, Chandigarh – 160022, Punjab, India

Business Phone Number: 07947369303

Digital Marketing

3rd Out of the Top 5 Basic Computer Training Institutes in Chandigarh

Bright Career Solutions

Bright Career Solutions is one of the leading business in computer training institutes in Chandigarh. Known for Computer Training Institutes, Tally Training Institutes, Tutorials for Maths, Computer Training Institutes for PHP, Tutorials for Commerce, Computer Training Institutes for Java, Tally GST Training Institutes, Science Tutorials and much more.

Bright Career Solutions in Mohali, Chandigarh is imparting professional training to the students. It specializes in training students as well as professionals working in accounting, web designing, programming languages, hardware and networking and is renowned. It is run and managed by an experienced professionals who are led by a team of teachers and trainers having relevant domain expertise. In this institute, one can get training by choosing a variety of courses in the subject of his/her choice. These easy courses are primarily aimed at students, working professionals as well as IT professionals who wish to enhance their knowledge and advance their career prospects.

Contact Details of Bright Career Solutions

Address: Scf 117 Second Floor Phase 7 Mohali, Mohali, Chandigarh – 160062, Punjab, India

Business Phone Number: 07947245694

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4th Out of the Top 5 Basic Computer Training Institutes in Chandigarh

National Institute of Computer Technology (NICT)

(NICT) is one of the most anticipated and oldest institutes of Chandigarh. It was established in 1987, NICT has helped students and 2 lakh professionals to realize their potential in computers. We have got full official approval from DEPTT. IT (NIELIT), Govt. In India in 1994, we are ready for training in this field. We were a MICROSOFT IT ACADEMY, which provided the learners with MICROSOFT trained faculty, Microsoft certification, e-learning course material, and. Original Microsoft licensed software. NICT is an ISO: 9001:2015 certified institute. Our professional team for software training and development division is expert in live project and client handling in last 7 years more than 200 projects. Industrial Training in Software Technologies, Corporate Batch, Career Counseling are the new benchmarks for NICT.

Contact Details of National Institute of Computer Technology (NICT)

Address:  SCO 25, 1st Floor, Sector, 15C, Chandigarh, 160015, Punjab, India

Business Phone Number:  098720 00706

Digital Marketing

5th Out of the Top 5 Basic Computer Training Institutes in Chandigarh

Institute of Information Security

The Information Security Institute is one of the most trusted sources of practical training in the field of information security, providing unparalleled practical training to individuals and companies around the world for over a decade. Backed by our amazing technical team that has provided consulting services for over 18 years under the brand name Network, we are here to train, guide and support your career in cyber security. Our focus on practical training gives our clients and students the benefits of rapid growth and career advancement in their careers.

Contact Details of Institute of Information Security

Address: Aeren Building , Plot No. 14, 1st Floor, Rajiv Gandhi, IT Park Rd, Chandigarh, 160101, Punjab, India

Business Phone Number: 0172 464 6439

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Basic Computer

Computer is one of the major subjects that you can think of pursuing to make your career. Computer course is in great demand nowadays and it is one of the most far reaching courses which can give you good job prospects. India is one of the fastest growing IT industry in the world. As far as revenue is concerned, it is one of the most important industries for India. That is why it can be a good prospect for you and hence you can think of taking a course in computer.

Due to the increasing need and demand of the profession, there are many courses that the institutes offer for both short term and long term. You can start by taking a basic computer course and then you can choose the career path according to your interest. However before deciding on anything, you should make sure that you are really interested in the course. This will not be an easy course and will require a lot of effort and hard work on your part.

Basic Computer Course (BCC) The objective of the course is to provide a basic level computer appreciation program with more emphasis on training. Initially, the curriculum was conceived for students pursuing professional courses in ITI/ITC, especially To promote the concept of introducing a course on computer fundamentals however, the course has gained popularity among many more categories. BCC was launched in the year 2011. This program can prepare a person to use computer in daily life for professional and personal use.Incum after completing the course.

Computer Courses and its demand these days

Well, in today’s era technology plays a very important role in everyone’s life. In addition, many companies are using more and more advanced technology to become better and advanced in their work. With all this, there is an increasing advantage of professionals who are well equipped and educated in some basic computer courses. Very soon the IT industry will become the largest revenue generating industry in the country and if you are an IT professional then your demand will be very high. Therefore, you can start with taking a basic course in the subject and then decide which is the exact course you want to excel in. The decision can be taken based on your interests and desires. Just be careful and do your own research before doing anything as it can make or decide your career. If you are really interested and can do your hard work, then take up the course and you will be all set to make a great career in computer related courses.

Basic Computer Courses

Web Designing

If you are looking for a basic course in computer then this is one of the best courses that you can pursue. The web designing course teaches you various aspects of maintaining and developing a site. You have to learn different languages ​​such as Java, and others. It is usually a one year course. However, there are other courses that are even shorter. Short courses of three to four months are also easily available. However, if you want to make a career in web designing, then taking a one year course is really helpful. After completing this course, you can easily get a job or start working independently.

Certification Course in Computer Technology

It is considered as one of the best computer courses for beginners. This course is best for beginners as it not only equips you with computer courses but also a number of topics that will be relevant to the industry. The main topics you will cover during this course include MS Programming, MS Excel, Accountancy, Desktop Publishing, as well as others. If you are a beginner and want to make your career in computer then this course is really helpful.

VFX and Animation

Another interesting course which can give a huge potential for beginners if you want to get into computer related course, we will mention it here. Animation is a very demanding course and you can make a very good career from this course. In this course you will get to study a lot about different subjects like animation, 3D subjects, graphic designing and many more. Today, there are a lot of colleges in India that offer this course.


Tally is very interesting course for beginners. Moreover, you can make a very good career if you learn and dedicate your time to learn this basic computer course. It is a course that is related to accounting and is used by both private and government companies to keep all the records of financial transactions. Even if you know the language, it is important that you keep yourself updated with the latest versions of the same. This can prove to be a really easy course and record keeping really well and in an organized manner. If you are learning it, a lot of opportunities will open for you and you can make a great career in this field with good salary. One of the best institutes where you can do the course is National Institute of Technology or NIIT. The college located in Durgapur offers a course in the latest version of the language. After completing this course, you can rest assured that you will easily get a job in private institutions.

Microsoft Office and Typing Courses

Another basic but important course for you is Microsoft Office and Typing Course. It is very basic in the sense that not only a computer graduate but also those studying in other streams are expected to know the subject. Topics that will be covered within Microsoft Office will include MS Excel, MS Word, Power Point etc. These topics are very relevant for various career opportunities. Hence, we strongly recommend that you take a keen interest in knowing these topics as they are really important for different roles. For example, if you are in the field of finance, you would certainly expect to know different things in Excel as well as Power Point. This is an important part of this course.

If you want a general typing job, you can take a typing course. It is relatively easy and will increase the speed at which you can type. You will be able to do jobs like data entry jobs easily by doing this kind of course.

Cyber Security Courses

In today’s day and age, cyber security is one such area whose demand is increasing with every passing day. There are a lot of banks and financial institutions that have a lot of customer data. Some of this data can be really sensitive and it requires a lot of effort and technical knowledge to keep it secure. This is where cyber security comes into the picture. This is an important area of ​​study because the security of sensitive data is really important. Appropriate cyber security helps in maintaining the safety of the people as well as helps in protecting the business at large. If you take up this line and complete the course, you have a high chance of getting hired as a security specialist. Not only this, you can also start something independently. This will help you grow and actually build your earnings.


Here are the Best Top 5 Basic Computer Training Institutes in Chandigarh. It has become a necessity for everyone to be able to stay abreast of the latest technological advancements and next generation technology. Be it communication, transportation, entertainment, education and medical industry etc. Nowadays, the use of computer is evident almost everywhere and has developed as an many element. With best career opportunities in industries, studying computer science or information technology courses provides you with a platform to not only gain in-depth knowledge of the field but also research how technology can be large scale benefits. and how it can be developed.

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